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Preparing the Perfect Hen

We’ve locked down 6 Basic Tips

Preparing the Perfect Hen

As chuffed as you are that you have been asked to be maid of honour. It’s not long after that the harsh reality sets in that you actually have to do some work! 🙊

Whatever about the wedding, you’re going to have loads of help with that, but the hen night is all on your shoulders, it’s where it all kicks off, and in many cases, sets the tone for the wedding! Whether you’re a dab hand at organising, or scared rotten at the prospect of it all, here are six simple tips that Cork Hen Party have put together to get you on your way. 💃🏻🍷🎭

1. Ya this isn’t about you! You’ve been asked to be Maid of Honour because you’re the brides best friend and you know her better than anyone, don’t forget that. You need to put yourself in her shoes and figure out what she wants. Sometimes the bride is too relaxed and is like “Era do whatever, it’ll be grand” (in particular Irish Brides of course, luckily enough our inner Divas are pretty dormant). But, you cant take this with a pinch of salt. She’s just being nice. Of course she wants a great time. And the more you make it about her, the more she’ll love you for it, and everyone will have a great time!

Here at Cork Hen Party we get this, and we devise the event with your help with this fact at the forefront of our mind. There will be tears of happiness at the work gone in!

2. The Guest List, this is a tricky one, 90% of the time there will be enemies on the hen. You’re going to have to accept this fact and, of course, let the bride decide! Once you have the guest list finalised, and everyone contacted, the rest of the organising will be plain sailing. (And the mother in law will be on the boat too 😬)

3. Whatever it is you’re planning, make sure that you give enough time in between each activity, lunch and dinner for everyone to decompress. Here at Cork Hen Party we always encourage this. For example, the menu for an ideal hen would be:

And for dessert…

4. You just need to make sure that you book early. Especially if you’re going to a popular hen destination like Kinsale or Killarney. The sooner you do it the more you can relax. If you need to get some euros off the girls its getting easier and easier to exchange money on line. Pay Pal have just launched a new App, it’s so easy, all you need is the senders email to request the money.

5. Whatever you choose to do, we’ve noticed at Cork Hen Party, that whenever a group dresses up in any particular theme, they have the most craic BY FAR!! Put it out there, there might be a few shy girls in the group, tell them they can hide behind their masks. Its so worth it, the best dressed group that we’ve had all dressed up in 1920’s Burlesque (lots of red feathers). They had an absolute whale of a time not to mention turned many heads and were treated like royalty.

6. Pace yourselves! I know, you don’t want to be told to be sensible on this day of letting loose. Just keep an eye on everyone and encourage the odd glass of water in between drinks. The night of fun will last longer and everyone just might be able to make it to brunch the next day!

Whatever it is you decide to do, have an absolute ball, and don’t forget, if you want help to make this a hen to remember, give us a shout at Cork Hen Party!

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