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Read on and you’ll understand.


The “Groom Rescue” is probably the most fun a group of ladies can have that’s legal. Two hours of un-merciless fun for ladies of ANY age. If you are looking for an event that is going to impress the fish net socks of all the ladies at the hen party, and in particular, the bride, of course, then you wont need to look any further.

So what is it? The Groom Rescue is an activity that has been shaped and moulded by many an event company, but non has perfected it as well as Cork hen Party. It’s about maximizing as much fun in two hours as humanly possible and leaving the bride with some quality memorabilia that will make the bride want to get divorced just to do it all over again!

Pic. John Allen

Get to the point. OK! The Grooms been kidnapped. WHY? He spent all the wedding money on horses (or whatever the groom is into), he borrowed money off a dodgy individual, he couldn’t refrain and spent it all again… on more horses (or train sets, yes, we’ve had a groom addicted to train sets).

The loan shark wants his sweet cash back and theres only one group of ladies that is going to be able to stop him, and save the groom, and ultimately… save the wedding!

What does everyone actually do!!! OK so its best the bride doesn’t know. Even better if the whole group don’t know. The only person that should actually knows is the bridesmaid (she booked the event). So she tells everyone that she may or may not have something planned. No need to bring rain coats, no need to bring ‘knee highs’ for any poles, nope, no sketch pads or pencils, and there will be no naked bodies (tell them this is going to be way better).

So they all gather in the designated pub, when they are all settled with drinks, an explosion of wondrous mayhem ensues… the detective arrives!

After a babble of heightened giggling, and the odd heckle, the detective speaks, and informs the bride the disaster that is, yes, the kidnapping of the groom. He informs the group that they will be split into teams and and it is up to them to save the groom and save the wedding.

Then he shows the video. This marvelous peice of magic that makes the event one of the most exciting well thought activities out there for a Hen Party. The kidnapping of the groom is shown on a large TV, with the volume up loud, as he pleads to be rescued!

Most of the time, this has the bride in tears, not because she actually believes the groom has been kidnapped, she doesn’t really care about that, it’s the planning and thought that has gone into her Hen Night, its only 5 minutes in and already she feels that this is one of the most special things anyone has done for her.

Pic. John Allen

The detective, then proceeds to give out the folders containing the instructions. The folders that we have are professionally designed, and shipped all the way from the States, they adorned with beautiful photographs of the bride, of her family, and a few embarrassing ones she thought would never see the light of day!

So what next? Time to hit the town. The teams have a few fun tasks to do, a few things to get, and of course, a kidnapper to find. Our actors are pro’s. They’ve all studied extensively around the world. Our top actors are stand-up comedians, live show improvisers, stage actors and film actors. They are the heart and soul of the event. They make it unforgettable. And in a good way! There will be tears of laughter as the hens battle it out about the town, whilst being entertained by our actors. I wont go into much detail as to what the hens actually do… So as to keep the magic. But what I will say is, oh my God do they get competitive, I’m not sure if its to Rescue the Groom, impress the bride, or to win the lovely bottle of bubbly at the end.

Often raucous, often sophisticated and often pleasant, whatever way the hen group starts out like, they are guaranteed to be satisfied at the end. And the night is still young. Lots of time to get ready for dinner followed by a few drinks and of course a dance.

When you decide, if not now, that this is the event for the Hen Party. Check out our locations (or ask if where you want isn’t there) and book the day. Our actors at Cork Hen Party are busy performing Groom Rescues all over Ireland, and need a bit of notice. Until then, happy Henvestigating!

Pic. John Allen

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