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A Cork Hen Party to Remember

And do we let the brides team win?

A Cork Hen Party to Remember

Things can get quite competitive with Cork Hen Party’s Groom Rescue. As soon as the group has been split into teams, and the detective has given them their instructions, all niceties between the ladies go out the window. They become ruthless ‘Henvestigators’!

And Fiona Buckleys Kinsale hen was no exception!

In the photo below we can see that the group is sitting in The Malt Lane in Kinsale, all calm and collected.

And in the following photo we see things beginning to get heated as the hens start to show their true colours! 🙈 We can see here that the bride, Fiona, is definitely letting the girls know that she is not to be messed with!

It wasn’t long until they found the evil mole.

In fairness, he stood out like a sore thumb. Although, there was someones mum, that didn’t realise that it was actually the detectives’ twin brother dressed in disguise! 🤷‍♂️ She actually thought he was some random stranger that the hens had taken upon themselves to harass!😂🤣

Not pointing any fingers though (Happy Mothers day Fionas Mum)…

So, as the hens neared the end of their Henvestigation, Cork Hen Party’s most lanky detective (Detective Richard Cheese), rounded up the hens and gave the results.

And to answer our question, no we don’t let the brides teams win unless they actually win! And in this case Fionas team came second, it was very close though, their crime video was hilarious! And in fairness to the winning team they gave their prized bubbly to the bride.


Oh, and Cormac was saved you’ll be delighted to hear. (Hope Cormac is doing OK after the kidnapping btw, he really was bundled into that van! 🤕🤣)

So to wrap things up we, at Cork Hen Party, would like to thank Siobhan, the Maid of Honour, for doing such an awesome job helping us organise the Groom Rescue, the pictures and video went down a treat. Everyones enthusiasm and energy was immense. Definitely one of our most favorite Groom Rescues!

Have a super wedding Fiona and Cormac, thank you again, from Cork Hen Party.

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